Chelsea told playing without Alvaro Morata will be a ‘terrible problem’

Chelsea could well be heading for more trouble if forward Alvaro Morata is out for a longer period of time

That’s because the forward happen to be the only world class striker at the Stamford Bridge, and it was evident struggling for an outlet against Manchester City once Morata left the pitch with an injured hamstring – in a game in which they were defeated.

Morata leaving the pitch after hamstring injury

Mar Ogden claimed that it could pose a real problem for the reigning champions, and echoed the mind of several people who wondered who would pick the goals for the Blues this season – especially given Conte seems to still find Michy Batshuayi below par.

“I think the loss of Morata made all the difference,” Ogden told ESPN FC.

“I think prior to that I think Chelsea were happy to hit City on the counter attack. 

“They had the people to do it with Morata in the team. 

“Once Morata went off they were toothless. I think that it showed that Chelsea have got a problem there. 

“If Morata is injured for a length of time, how do they replace him? 

“Where are the goals going to come from?

“It’s a massive injury and I think it showed tonight that if he is out for a long time, they will have problems.”

Hazard and Michy

Two players who will need to take up more responsibility during Morata’ time out are ofcourse Eden Hazard and his compatriot Batshuayi, who can rightly feel unjustly treated for being relegated to the bench in favor of Willian once Morata exited the game on Saturday evening.

Having bagged the winner against Atletico Madrid, the forward would have seen his confidence rising high – yet saw the club have preference for a winger.

Now, if Morata is out for longer than thought, the many thought his days were over at the London club in the summer may well end up being one of their key players this term.


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